SEO Magnification

After a lot of research, coding and tweaking – we are finally happy to announce the launch of our new featured freebie: the Rockware SEO Analysis Tool! Basically, it is a comprehensive, php powered application, which takes a URL, any URL you enter, and you are free to use it on as many websites/URLs as you wish to, and generates both a statistics report and a score based on information found through-out the internet and within your website.

The stats used for the score and report are:

  • Current Pagerank
  • Blacklist Records
  • Website Speed
  • Domain Name Rating
  • Homepage Title Rating
  • Description Rating
  • Keywords Rating
  • Rich Content Rating
  • Domain Mentions
  • Image ALT Tags
  • Title Headers
  • Robots.txt File
  • Inbound Links
  • Outbound Links
  • DoFollow Links
  • NoFollow Links

Each of the above items are examined, either through Google, WhoIs, search results or information within the content, meta tags and source code of the website itself. Each item is given a percentage score out of 100%, and then each individual score is added to generate an overall percentage score. The score is a very telling factor in determining your current level of optimization, however the real gem, is the report itself. For each item listed above, the report returns details about everything it found. It contains extremely useful numbers, such as exactly how many mentions your domain name has through-out the internet, how many inbound, outbound, DoFollow and NoFollow links you have, respectively, how many images on your site are missing alt tags, how many keywords are mentioned within your site content and your current Google PageRank.  There is also a good bit of other useful information returned by the report, such as whether or not you have a robots.txt file and your keyword ratings. So, while the score helps you see the overall state of your optimization – the true awesomeness is that the report gives you invaluable information on what you can do to help your website’s SEO and SERP rankings.

We offer this tool completely free, without any obligation whatsoever. You are not required to provide an email, or even a name to use it, and neither the results, nor the information contained in them (including the URLs entered) are recorded or sent to us in any way. That being said, after you see your results, should you want to contact us about how we can help bring your score, and your SEO up, you can do so here. As I said, we are not recording the reports, or your information, so if you do choose to contact us for help in improving your website’s SEO (and we’re Oh so happy to do so! :-D), please include your URL so we can run the report and see your results ourselves. The form located here, contains everything we’ll need to get started. 🙂

If, however, you are a DIY website owner, a webmaster or simply someone who wants the information for their own purposes, happy reporting! Don’t forget to let us know if you have a comment or suggestion on how this tool can be optimized or how the experience can be optimized. We value your opinions greatly, and we would love to know your thoughts!