Welcome to the Rockware Free SEO Analysis Tool

This is an advanced SEO reporting tool built using PHP that generates a report based specifically on the URL you enter below. The report generated will provide in-depth information on how optimized your current website truly is. This information is extremely useful; not only to determine what your website optimization level currently is, but more importantly, to highlight specific problem areas which we can optimize and repair, allowing us to significantly increase your PageRank, website traffic and ultimately, your bottom line.

*Note: We do not keep any records, or retain any information from the searches done through this tool. You are not required to enter any personal information whatsoever to run it; the privacy of all of our clients & visitors is extremely important to us, as is the issue of privacy (and it being respected) in general. Therefore, if after running the analysis, you do decide to request a consultation from us, ask us about the results, or have any work done in the future, you’ll need to specifically request that from us, as we won’t know about you until you do. 🙂

If the idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a bit foreign to you, try taking a look at these explanations from Wikipedia, as well as the official SEO guidelines published by Google.com:

  • SEO DefinitionSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results
  • PageRank Definition – A webpage’s PageRank, is the ranking given to it by Google, which is used to decide how relevant a webpage is to particular searches and where in the search page results that webpage will be listed, with the most relevant listed first.
  • SERP Definition – A search engine results page (SERP) is the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a specific user search (keywordquery).
  • Google’s SEO Advice – Advice, tips, tools & suggestions right from the horse’s mouth.

Generate SEO Report

Let’s see how you’re doing. Enter the website URL below and we’ll have a look around the internet to see what can be improved. Please note that this can take a few minutes to completely load.

*Remember to include “http://” in your url, as in “http://coolsite.com” instead of just “coolsite.com”, or the report will not run.