Monthly Maintenance Options

Website Development is a very  unique industry, in that there is really never a “finished” point in the process. Websites require a significant amount of attention & upkeep, even if the content of the site never changes (which is almost always not the case – your business grows with time, services are expanded or halted altogether, team members come & go, prices change, etc.), it would still be absolutely necessary to maintain the website regularly, just to keep it safe & functioning properly. For this reason, a large majority of our clients request a service package from us once the website is live. We have therefore put together a few Monthly Maintenance Plans, which not only fulfill a vital need for your business, but also provide several levels of discounts on Technical Support & Maintenance.

We offer several different types of regular maintenance packages, all of which include important features such as (the frequency of such features & allowable number of websites, depend on the plan purchased):

  • Adding/Deleting/Updating site products
  • Adding regular specials, coupons, etc. to attract new customers
  • Removing and replacing old news items and press releases
  • Removing and replacing date sensitive information (eg dates of exhibitions or events your company is attending or arranging through the year)
  • Removing and correcting broken links to internal and external sites
  • WordPress core, Themes & Plugin updates as needed (we perform manual updates ensuring there are no compatibility issues or bugs in the updated software; **the automated WordPress built-in update functions of the core and several themes & plugins, are infamously known for causing conflicts & security issues, a lot of them severe enough to take an entire website completely down)
  • Replacing and updating images
  • Updating staff profiles or recruitment information
  • Full back-ups of all website files & Database export
  • Back-Up Storage (all plans allow for at least 1 storage space for your back-ups, the two higher tier plans add off-site & cloud storage as well for added protection)
  • Back-Up Restore, should anything happen or go wrong during our maintenance of your network, we will restore your website to the most recent back-up free of charge
  • Security Monitoring (our monitoring features  can range any where from in-depth daily manual analysis, to automated quick scans/checks; we also guarantee, depending on the plan, our monitoring; meaning that while we are in charge of the security monitoring for your website, should any type of virus, mal-ware or malicious code corrupt your website, we will clean & restore the website immediately, no matter the extent of the damage)

We have several different payment choices, with the option to pay monthly, annually, or every 6 months, with discounted prices for longer payment periods. To inquire about customized plans, please email us at or contact us here on our website.

Whether you have 50 websites or just the 1, it is absolutely essential to have proper backup procedures, strong & up to date security tools in place and a steady webmaster to maintain these things along with software updates and everyday monitoring. If you have a small network, or even just the 1 website, our prices are quite affordable and all come with a good amount of enterprise level features, as well as an absolute guarantee in stable back-ups and secure websites..

Custom Maintenance Plans

* Rockware’s monthly maintenance plans do not include website redesign, website design/creation, graphic design, database development, or other development of site back-end products (such as content management systems). Unused hours do not roll over to the next month. All plans include 24/7 access to support.

Basic Plan

  • Includes two (2) hours of website maintenance per month
  • Back-ups & Security Monitoring Daily, Local Storage
  • Includes (1) Website
  • Recommended for one single website of 3-20 pages

Total Cost: $100 (paying monthly); $480 (20% off – paying bi-annually); $900 (25% off – paying annually);

Business Plan

  • Includes five (5) hours of website maintenance per month
  • Back-ups & Security Monitoring Daily, Off-Site & Local Storage
  • Includes (1-3) Website(s)
  • Recommended for medium websites of 20-75 pages

Total Cost: $200 (paying monthly); $960 (20% off – paying bi-annually); $1800 (25% off – paying annually);

Enterprise Plan

  • Includes ten (10) hours of website maintenance per month
  • Back-ups & Security Monitoring Daily, Off-Site, Cloud & Local Storage
  • Includes (4-6) Website(s)
  • Recommended for large websites of 75 pages and more

Total Cost: $350 (paying monthly); $1680 (20% off – paying bi-annually); $3150 (25% off – paying annually);

Looking for a custom built plan for your business?

Whatever your specific needs may be, we’re here to make it happen. We’ll put together a custom-built plan to cater to your industry’s specific needs & clients, while maintaining the low-cost and convenience of a pre-built plan.