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Non-Profits @ Rockware IT – We are proud to offer our services to all Non-Profit Organizations for free and/or a significant discount, based on resource availability. While our offers are based on our own resources and time constraints, we will never turn a Non-Profit down for inability to pay. We believe in Community, State and National Action, and we want to ensure all of the organizations reaching out to our Nation’s citizens, have the online presence, acknowledgement and technical capabilities they need and deserve.

Technically, our policy is only to accept Non-Profits that are registered 501(c) organizations with a verifiable EIN, however, if we can confirm your organization’s activities and involvement, we will bypass this policy at our discretion. It’s a rare case we turn a Non-Profit away, so be sure and apply in any case! If you know an organization, by employment, volunteering, or as the founder yourself, please recommend them to Rockware for their technical needs.

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